Cool at the Cottage July 6, 2016 17:17

Summer is officially ON and in full blaze! With temperatures hitting the low 30s, keeping cool can be quite the challenge, unless you are living in your swimsuit. Luckily we’ve put together some tips for looking good and staying cool this summer, whether you’re out on the water or fire side. 

Sun Essentials

Sunburns and dehydration can easily be avoided with the the help of some sunscreen and accessories. Grab a pair of UVA protected sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off your head and face. Show-off your personal style with an exciting piece, like gold trimmed glasses, a hat with beading, or both!

Not a hat person? There is something so elegant about sporting a light scarf, especially in summer, keeping your head, neck and shoulders shielded from the sun’s harsh rays.

Summer Hues

To stay cool in the heat; step away from form-fitting and dark coloured clothing. Open your arms to pastels and light colours, loose fitting linen and cotton clothing. Pairing long sleeveless blouses with linen pants or boyfriend jeans are easy ways to transition from the dock to the patio.

Hot Summer Nights

Mosquitoes and creepy crawlers can sometimes have you running for shelter once the sun has set. Light pullovers, loose-knit sweaters, ponchos and scarves are trendy choices that will protect your skin from those pesky little guys without the heat caused from big, bulky fleece sweaters and blankets. Pair any of these options with a black legging or a stretch jean, such as Melow’s "Ryan" pant or your favourite pair of Second Yoga Jeans - available on our e-store!

Summer is such a fun time to play with accessories and fabrics. Need some help? Call us to book a complimentary styling appointment - 416-766-1258.

Happy July!

The Trove Team